1. Acquire Cronos ($CRO): Begin by purchasing $CRO on Crypto.com, or you can opt to exchange any other cryptocurrency for Cronos on your exchange platform of choice, such as Crypto.com. This step marks the starting point of your journey with Cronos.

    > Crypto.com

  2. Transfer and Connect: Once you’ve acquired your Cronos tokens, transfer them to a decentralized wallet that you trust, like MetaMask. Here, you’ll also need to connect with the $Cronos network, setting the stage for further actions. The Wallet has a browser function trough which you can access the required DEX „Decentralized Exchange“.

    >Cronos DeFi Wallets

  3. Engage with VVS Finance: Visit VVS.Finance and click the button on the banner to access the platform. Once there, connect your Web3 wallet. Now, you’re ready to explore! Head over to the ‚Swap‘ function to continue.

    >VVS Finance

  4. Swap for $CROFam Tokens: In the swap section, enter our contract address. You’ll then be able to exchange your desired amount of Cronos for $CROFam tokens, diving deeper into the ecosystem.

CROFam Token ID (required for the Swap):